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Jonaki the brand is a tribute Nasreen Zamir offers to the natural beauty of Bangladesh. Jonaki is the story of light – the light of the firefly that illuminates the world around us. Born in Chittagong Jonaki enchanted her childhood as she grew up with nature and memories of beautiful Bengali flowers.
The vision of Jonaki is to bring a sustainable solutions and create harmony between nature and the ecological system. The brand name Jonaki was selected by Nasreen Zamir because it evokes youthfulness, freedom of individuality, expressing happiness and confidence in one’s own personality and creativity. The Jonaki Beauty line was later added to enhance Jonaki Fragrances as they complement each other as lifestyle products.
Jonaki hosts arguably the best new generation online lifestyle store in Bangladesh that ensures fast, reliable and convenient delivery of products to your doorstep.
About Our
Jonaki Fragrance and Beauty products is the brainchild of Nasreen Zamir; an Interior Designer, Artist and an Entrepreneur by profession. A global traveler who believes that her passion and skills for design are enshrined in this new line of Fragrances and Beauty products. Having completed interiors for 5 Star Hotels, Corporate and Multinational Offices, Banks and exclusive residences, Nasreen Zamir was eager to venture into a new challenging world to diversify her interest. With her expertise in designing interiors, furniture, products, graphics and textile designs, she was able to combine design and lifestyle to introduce Fragrances and Beauty products as her new line of business and is also hopeful that Jonaki will set a spontaneous lifestyle trend of Bangladesh.
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